Yes…I do

Salary is an amount of money which you receive every month and always think that it is less than what you deserve and your boss thinks is more than what you work ….

365 minus 12 = 353….yes…It comes only 12 times a year and controls you for 353 days .. your life moves from one cycle to another and creates an illusion that you are working hard for your dream…. you work every day to earn it and you tell yourself that you are moving towards your dream inch by inch… you beat the morning traffic…you overtake your friends…you miss your daughter’s birthday… you go from flight to flight and not tell anyone that it scares you to hell when plane dives and shakes…. and after you have done this for years you pause a little to see where you are and you stand on your heels to see how far is your dream.

A sigh of relief !!

Something in distance looks like a dream… it is battle worth it…and you move again…it is 17 years when you started chasing it… few more years and you will be there… triumph… victory.

I wish you could have seen when you paused that what you were chasing was surely a dream but it was dream of someone else…. it was dream of the person the company you work for… remember that when you started they taught you words like Goals and Targets…they never uttered DREAM…!



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