Dhritarashtra: The Blind King

Continuing from where I left the first article of the series, I’ve found some of the traits of Dhritarashtra surprisingly similar to some of the individuals I met and observed in my professional life; not on a personal level, but definitely at a professional level. Many may think that it is not possible for such a character to exist in today’s age, but wait before jumping to conclusions.

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Mahabharat 2020: The Epic Lives On

“If You Don’t Like How Things Are, Change your approach , You’re Not a Tree!”

The corporate world seems to revolve around this quote as most of us have seen people at our workplaces, often cribbing about their bosses, office politics, fellow employees, and whatnot. However, only a few of them take up the task to change things around them and make their own path. And, the change starts with being ‘aware’. Those who are still thinking that their environment and people around them are difficult, can take inspiration from the Greatest Epic in the World – Mahabharat. This is my take on the Corporate Mahabharat which is being played everyday at majority of workplaces or should I say ‘Kurukshetras’.

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Too Early or Too Late

Think of a typical Sunday morning when you wake up at 6:45 am. Your first thought is “How did I get up without snoozing the alarm and how in the world am I feeling so refreshed? Why can’t I get out of the bed even at 7:15 am on weekdays?” With these thoughts, you make a conscious decision of sleeping in a bit more because why not! After all, it is a Sunday, right?

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When the Eagle Flies Again

Our thoughts and opinions mold our beliefs and shape who we are as human beings. These beliefs solidify as we gain experience and move through life, becoming truths that we cling to and find hard to let go. It’s easy for us to stay one way forever, stuck to our ideas of what works and what doesn’t, but this resistance to change is more harmful to us especially when it comes to work. And hence it becomes imperative that we reinvent ourselves and our beliefs before our careers stagnate.

In this context, I’d like to share with you the story of the eagle. It is an inspirational narrative of how eagles go through a ‘rebirth’ when they reach the age of 40, breaking free of its redundant physical features and painfully growing new ones so that it can survive longer. Now, this isn’t an accurate presentation of facts by any means. But this story, grounded in fiction, offers us a way to reflect back on what we go through and our response to situations. On some level, this urban legend resonates with me and captures the essence of my thoughts on the ‘reinvent yourself’ phenomenon.

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I Hate My Salary!

It was a chilly December night. My friend and I were standing near a tea stall outside the railway station – the only place in a small town where you could get tea at 1 a.m. The place was bustling with activity despite it being so late in the night, and two friends who’d met after 2 years had a lot of catching up to do. 

As is customary, the initial minutes of the conversation were dedicated to how well we were both doing in our respective jobs. We couldn’t stop boasting about our milestones and achievements, and each of us was trying to one-up the other in that act of friendly camaraderie that all of us are so familiar with. 

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Moments of Madness

Something has changed. No alert was issued and no one heard the footsteps of a dangerous phenomenon entering our corporate systems. This happened when the world of tall glass buildings and biometric systems was busy coping with multiple business theories and management styles so that it could sustain itself. And yet, despite all the theories and principles being doled out by management pundits and gurus, very few were able to tap into the vibrations of an inevitable cataclysmic event; one that I choose to call ‘Moments of Madness‘.

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